NSData(RACPParser) Category Reference

Declared in NSData+RACPParser.h


NSData+RACPParser provides record access control point (RACP) response parsing

– parseRACPResponse

Parses an RACP response and provided the details in a dictionary using keys from the RACPConstants.h

- (NSDictionary *)parseRACPResponse

Return Value

Dictionar of the RACP response details


The RACP reponse has two formats; 1) an RACP number of records response or 2) RACP general response. Helper methods are available in [NSDictionary+RACPExtension] to interprete the dictionary.

The number of records repsonse includes the number of records for the request in the RACPNumberOfRecords field and the report number of records reponse op code in the RACPResponseOpCode

    "RACPResponseOpCode": 5,
    "RACPNumberOfRecords": 10

For the general response, the op code for the RACP response is in the RACPResponseOpCode field with the response details in the RACPResponseCodeDetails field. The response details includes the requested op code in the RACPResponseRequestOpCode field and the response code value in the RACPResponseCode field.

    "RACPResponseOpCode": 6,
    "RACPResponseCodeDetails":    {
        RACPResponseRequestOpCode: 1,
        RACPResponseCode: 1

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